Rafeeyah Hassim

Speech Therapy

Therapy is the act of providing speech, language and auditory processing skills in the form of structured sessions. Therapists are dually qualified professionals that assess and treat special needs, oral sensation, oral motor skills, voice, phonology, articulation, programming, speech, fluency, early intervention, language concerns (pre-school and school-age langauge, vocabulary and grammar) and feeding disorders. Therapy focuses on enhancing ones skills and minimizing the impact of deficits. It is the act of ensuring these skills can be used in a setting to display one’s full potential. Therapy durations vary according to diagnosis, stimulability, individuality and efforts.


Rapport building

Assessment and report writing

Feedback and therapy plan

Target counting, memory, naming, speech rate and overall speech utterance length using play based techniques.
Reinforcing shapes in a self correcting decision making activity.
Teaching shapes using colours and flashcards.
Basic naming of items with their functions as a property.


Hearing, Balance, Attention and Related Disorders

Audiology services include: awareness, tinnitus counselling, balance, auditory processing, hearing screening, hearing aid management, counselling, aural rehabilitation, ear protection and hearing conservation.

  • Plugs are available (by measurement only) for presenter moulds, sleep plugs, occupational protection, in-ear monitors, swimming plugs, biking plugs, music earphones, cellphones cords and i-pod earphones.

  • Visit us to pick your hearing aid, have your hearing aid fitted or manage your hearing aid. We have a variety of brands to pick from and will find the perfect hearing aid for your needs.

  • We are available for counselling, balance disorders, aural rehabilitation and tinnitus control. Should this be concerning you, we are a call away!

  • Do you have difficulty processing sounds? Do you hear sounds but have difficulty remembering them, repeating them or attending to them? Visit us to help you with strategies to improve processing abilities.


Oral Hygienists
Talk show hosts

Customise your own

We have a variety of plugs to pick and chose from

Take a measurement

It takes 15 minutes to take an impression of your ear for moulding

Pick your features

Tell us your concerns and we will try advise you on the best possible features for you

Pick your size and type

Once you have this we will manufacture your ear plugs


We specialise in equipment that is used to simulate and enhance language and learning.
This machine has literally made me so aware of my speech. I love it! Roelf
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About me

Welcome to Rafeeyah Hassim Speech Therapy and Audiology. Thank you for choosing our practice to render the services you require. We hope you will be pleased with the feedback and support.

Rafeeyah Hassim

Speech Pathologist & Audiologist, Owner
Graduate at University of the Witwatersrand Speech Therapy Supervisor Audiology Supervisor Mentor and Counsellor

Current Roles

Screening - Assessment - Treatment - Counselling - Management and Intervention - Multi Disciplinary Treatment planning

Speech Experience

Articulation and phonology
Pre-natal/Post natal counseling
Early diagnosis and intervention
Apraxia of speech
Oral motor therapy and demonstrations
Stuttering and fluency
Feeding and oral management
Language therapy (pre-school and school age)
Auditory processing
Augmentative and Alternate Communication
Fluency therapy
Staff Training
Voice therapy
Speech assessments
Adult dysphagia assessment and therapy
Neurogenic disorders
Speech therapy for hearing impairment
Cranio-facial conditions
Congenital conditions
Reviewing barium swallow results
Early communication intervention
Multidisciplinary therapy
Acquired language disorders

Audiology Experience

Awareness campaigns
Audiological screening
Full audiology test batteries
In-patient hearing screening
Diagnostic testing
High frequency hearing testing
Selection of hearing aids
Hearing aid orientations
Hearing aid fittings
Video otoscopy
Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing
ASSR testing
Otoacoustic Emission (OAEs) testing
Real Ear Measures (REMS)
Industrial audiology cases
Ear protection and fitting
Early diagnosis and intervention
Neonatal audiology screening
Paediatric audiology testing
Neonatal risk screening
Aural rehabilitation
Play audiometry
Hearing aid management and re-programming
Knowledge on cochlear implants and selection
Middle ear infection management
Auditory processing

Contact us

Email: info@speechandaudio.com or call 0721378613 for further information. You can also leave a message here, we will contact you as soon as possible