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We specialise in Adults and children
Our Areas of Interest 

 Speech Therapy Assessment, Management and Treatment

(articulation/phonology, counseling, augmentative and alternative communication, early intervention, communication skills, apraxia of speech, oral motor therapy, stuttering and fluency, preschool language, feeding and oral management, pre-school/school-age language therapy, auditory processing, milestones, augmentative and alternative communication neurogenic conditions, voice therapy, pronunciation, pragmatic components, second language learning, dysphagia, hearing impairments, cranio-facial conditions, congenital conditions, multidisciplinary treatment, attention analysis/management and speech clarity/rate).

 Audiology Assessment, Management and Treatment

(awareness, audiological screening, full audiology test batteries and screenings, hearing aids, aural rehabilitation, industrial audiology, customised ear protection plug fittings, tinnitus, early diagnosis and intervention, neonatal and paediatric risk screening, prevention techniques, middle ear infection management, auditory processing and attention).

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Why Choose Us?

We have been successfully practicing since 2013.

Our practice is equipped with specialized equipment, test materials, therapy tools and management alternatives. We are based in several schools and multidisciplinary practices including government institutions. We also offer mobile visits.

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Active Clients
Successful Clients

Rafeeyah has helped our son a lot since he started. We have seen much improvement with his speech and this has increased his confidence. What we love most is the professionalism of the therapist and that she always keeps us in the loop with the progress of our son.

Sigama Family

Our daughter has been in therapy for nearly two years and the progress we have seen has been phenomenal. From a vocabulary of about 50 words when we started and constantly battling to understand what our daughter was saying, to a little girl who now cannot stop talking! We still battle with certain words and phrases, however we are winning the battle and her speech goes from strength to strength after every session and best of all she looks forward to all her sessions.


We have been exceptionally impressed with the facilities and the continual development of our son. The results speak for themselves-our son has not only learned how to articulate himself but his confidence has increased exponentially. He loves coming to his sessions and after each one he says: “Please can I come again?”

Herbst Family

Our overall experience has been good and beneficial to our son. The overall environment and the institution is professional and reflective of the nature of the business.

Mike and Family

I was listening to my son pretending to read a book last night. His TH sound is spot on! You did a great job!


You are doing a great job Rafeeyah!!!

Brooks Family

Thank you so much for the incredible sessions. My son enjoyed it. The way in which you applied the therapy to his lessons from school is really building confidence in him. He looks forward to discussing concepts and new words while applying them to his current experiences. Its helpful, practical and relevant.


Thank you for being so amazing and for all the love and care you have put into your sessions with our son. We really do appreciate it! 


Thank you so much for helping with my son's development, he has certainly improved!


I am so grateful to have met Rafeeyah and to have a speech therapist that comes to the school to do speech therapy. Saves a lot of time for me. I see such an improvement already with my son since he started speech therapy. Thank you so much!


During the time our son has been attending sessions with Rafeeyah, we have noted a massive improvement in both his language skills but also his confidence too. His ability to communicate is astonishing and we can attribute this growth to the sessions attended. If anyone is looking for a professional well run practice with a dedicated owner, Rafeeyah Hassim Speech Therapy is definitely the only place to consider.

Hojem Family

As a regular client visiting and making use of Rafeeyah’s Speech Therapy, I can gladly and with a pure heart say that this is one of the best decisions I have made towards my personal being in speech assistance. 

Rafeeyah has taught me how to handle various situations differently which involves many obstacles when it comes to speech fluency.  She taught me the different strategies to use in certain situations as to Take Control in handling my speech. 

Not only does Rafeeyah give me speech therapy at its best, she also assist me in spiritual well-being and emotional help.  

Rafeeyah is a very open hearted person and it’s always a pleasant time attending her sessions if I am available. 

Rafeeyah does not only teach me speech fluency strategies, but also she helps me to gain my confidence in every situation and also to take my ground and handle every situation in the best and most important of all, in a positive and realistic way with having faith as well for the best possible outcome. 

She is always so motivational and aligned in human being herself that I as a person can only feel lightened up with joy and positivity and have faith in myself in doing my best. 

I personally feel that the Therapy I get from Rafeeyah doesn’t only help me with my speech, but also helps me to realize the importance of succeeding and also the self-worth one must have for themselves. 

God has blessed her with an amazing talent in assisting patients like me. 

I want to thank Rafeeyah for all her continuous assistance and excellent therapy support.


Thank you so much for everything. Our son has really enjoyed his lessons with you.


We have seen our daughter improve hugely and we are now aware of how to correct her speech. 

Gallagher Family

Thank you for all your help thus far. We have seen immense improvement. 


I have learned how to communicate better and how to become aware of my skills. I am glad for this opportunity to improve my confidence and control my speech rate. I still need to learn how to control my nerves in different settings.